Easter Menu has arrived!

caramel cake blackberry pie flowershot cross buns


Spring Time means time for the Easter Menu!! Starting this weekend we will have Hot Cross Buns!!! (This way we can all pretend to be “The Little Princess” while we tuck into hot tea and one penny buns! Well, maybe Shawn can’t pretend that but…) Yay!!  We will be closed Easter Sunday. We will have slightly extended hours on Friday and Saturday for Easter Weekend.

We are running one Easter Shipping Special. All boxes will be shipped March 30. The Easter box includes: Cheddar Pigs, Candied Cream Pecans in carrot packaging, Ginger Lemon Chews and our Easter Bunny Coffee Blend (chocolate, caramel and French Vanilla) $35.00 includes shipping! Shipping orders must be placed by March 29th!

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Bars $2.25

Carrot Cake Muffins $2.00

Rhubarb Pie $18

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie $18

Blackberry Lemon Pie $18

Sour Cherry Pie $18

Hot Cross Buns $1.25 each

Blueberry Crumb Cake $8.00

Cream Cheese Brownies $2.25

Country Coconut Pound Cake $6.00

Caramel Cake $30.00

Lemon Lover’s Cake $30.00-lemon zested cake layers filled with lemon curd and frosted with cream cheese frosting garnished with candied lemon peel

Super Strawberry Cake $33.00-pastel pink strawberry cake stuffed full of strawberry jam and frosted with strawberry buttercream

Raspberry Filled Coconut Cake $30.00 alternating layers of bright raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream frosted with coconut frosting

Easter Basket Cake $28.00 chocolate cake filled with chocolate frosting and frosted with pale yellow cream cheese frosting


You know the drill. PLEASE. PRE-ORDER.  We will STOP taking orders Tuesday March 31. These are the ONLY items available for pickup the Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend. All cakes will be festively festooned. I will not be able to write on any cakes that weekend. There will be additional items available for pick-up those days as far as Easter cookies and cupcakes and our full assortment of local pecans packed in adorable carrot bags!

Thanks for your unwavering loyalty, warmth and support!! We so enjoy being part of your family! I leave you with Connor’s all-important Easter question:


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