Szarklotka! Baba Kartoflana! National Pi Day!

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National Pi Day is upon us! For all of our super-math minded customers, this is a special year being 3/14/15. Since math causes me physical anguish, I am embracing this day through pie and Polishness!

We will have a lovely selection of whole pies and pie by the slice STARTING AT 11:30. DO NOT SHOW UP AT 10 EXPECTING PIE BY THE SLICE  :). There will also be creme pies, pizza pies (we did a Margherita pizza last weekend and it was literally sold out in 30 minutes,) Baba Kartoflana (a savory Polish potato pie), Szarlotka ( a custardy apple pie with a lovely crumb top) and of course our much cherished Sour Cherry Pie!

In addition to the Pi-fullness, we will have Irish Soda Bread and accompanying Irish treats! Sunday will be your last day to stock up on the Irish goodness for your St. Patrick’s Day feast as we will not be open on St. Patrick’s Day. I know we had talked about trying to make that happen but it is simply not in the cards for that week!

We will see you Saturday with a shop full of pies, Polish pottery, green fanciness and good cheer! Spring is almost here!!


One thought on “Szarklotka! Baba Kartoflana! National Pi Day!

  1. NEED MORE FREAK’N STARS * embracing your clever/busy bee genius -whole hawg! with a whole pie for dessert of course.

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