True Football Confessions

So, until about an hour ago, I thought that somehow UNCW had finagled it’s way into the Super Bowl. Seahawks? Right? That is incorrect information. They did not make it this year.  It is another set of birds. Birds that play football. That’s impressive. Because, Broncos playing football makes sense and is quite intimidating. Horses are big.

To make up for my gross negligence in all things football and for embarrassing the life out of my husband and his friend Wes, I am making a whole list of things I rarely make that they are always requesting. And if I am making it for them, by golly, I can offer it to you tightends as well!

Please pre-order!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Footballs $1.85 each

Pumpkin Football shaped whoopies (orange for the Broncos OR just for football!) $2.50 each

Seahawk or Bronco themed cupcakes available in any menu flavor by the 1/2 dozen $12.00

Cheddar Pigs-they are great with ALL dips and chili! $4.00 a 6pk

SuperPlatter!-assorted cookies and brownies to feed 10-$18.00 to feed 20 $33.00


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