New Year’s Eve means BRING ON THE GLITTER!

Christmas was spectacularly out of control this year!!! I blame Thanksgiving for being so late. Hence the non-stop slalom to Christmas! Thanks to all for trusting us with your holiday baking. We loved every minute of it! And now NEW YEAR’S!

My glitter weakness is no secret. I can’t help it. New Year’s is one of the holidays where one is obliged to BRING ON THE GLITTER!  And being as we are big on traditions in our household, we always eat 12 grapes at midnite for good luck and have pork and greens and beans for New Year’s Day!

And for the Football enthusiasts we are once again doing our Football whoopies! Available in Pumpkin and Chocolate for Game Day $2.50 each

We will be closed New Year’s Day but back to our regularly scheduled program of Thursday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3. As always, please order ahead. Delivery is available to Pomegranate Books, Brown Dog Coffee Company and Lovey’s on New Year’s Eve morning.

Cornbread-$5.00, Jalapeno Cornbread $5.00, Pimento Cheese Cornbread $5.00

Super Sparkly Chocolate Raspberry Creme Celebration Cake-2 chocolate chocolate chip cake filled with vanilla custard and frosted with raspberry frosting. Accented with gold flake  $27.00

Lemon Champagne Zinger Cake- 2 layer vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and frosted with our champagne buttercream. Accented with gold flake $26.00

Triple Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes-$3.00 each (chocolate cupcakes with a truffle inside frosted with chocolate ganache and garnished with-you guessed it-sparkles!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Caramel Cake-brown sugar pound cake filled with caramel and frosted with caramel cream cheese buttercream $30.00

Sour Cherry Pie $16.00

Cheddar Pig and Pimento Cheese Platter $25.00 (1 lb homemade pimento cheese and 2 dozen Cheddar Pigs)

Rum Island Blue Cheese Ball and Snooty Star Platter $25.00 (1 lb bleu cheese ball rolled in our Rum Island Pecans with 2 dozen Snooty Stars)

Brownie Buffet-beautiful platter of our most popular brownies-Espresso Cream Cheese, Raspberry, Salted Caramel and Pistachio Small $15.00 Large $30.00

Hangover Coffee $11.00 a lb.-our special blend of French Roast and Espresso. It’ll cure what ails ya’.

New Year’s Resolution Granola-a high protein, low sugar, high fiber Paleo friendly granola to keep you healthy! $6.00 a bag


One thought on “New Year’s Eve means BRING ON THE GLITTER!

  1. Bet you used enuff beure to stop a freight train on that slalom ride……Slide show -especially gold flakey cake- is magnifeek! hahhaha

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