The Horse ran away with the…Sun?

So it’s Cinco De Mayo AND Kentucky Derby in the same weekend! That should make for a LOT of great eating!  We are contributing to your parties this year by offering Kentucky Derby Pies (loaded with bourbon!), Strawberry Margarita Cheesecake and Tres Leches Cake!  Orders must be placed by Tuesday, April 30th and as always, home delivery is available or you may pick up at Pine Valley Market or Pomegranate Books! Orders may be placed by phone (910) 254.1110 or email

Strawberry Margarita Cheesecake-tart lime cheesecake with a hint of tequila and topped with fresh sweetened strawberries in a sugar cookie crust! $29.00

Kentucky Derby Pie-classic pastry crust filled and baked with a mixture of milk and dark chocolate, pecans and bourbon! $18.00

Tres Leches Cake-soft, moist yellow cake soaked in a vanilla milk syrup with a heavy cloud our whipped cream with a deep caramel ribbon. 1 layer 8″ feeds 12 $20.0016000

tres leches chzck kentuck dourb


3 thoughts on “The Horse ran away with the…Sun?

  1. I’d like to order a Kentucky Derby Pie, por favour…pls hold the pecans tho, the chocolate & the milk – also the crust & give me mine straight. Thanks!

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