Who said moving was hard?

I know-I dropped the moving bomb on everybody quite suddenly but in our defense it all happened so quickly!  For those of you who were familiar with our old downtown location, you remember that while it was tiny it was packed to the GILLS with bulky items with sentimental value.  The vintage bakery case that weighs a million pounds. The convection oven we got and restored that was from a submarine. The antique mixer from Leona’s pizza parlor bowling alley in Mechanicville, NY that was given to me by Grandma Leona and my friends at Children at Heart http://www.childrenatheart.com/)-all huge, HEAVY expensive pieces. 

Now, when we moved into the building-the 2 front doors were not there-so while heav

y and bulky it was a leeetle easier to handle. We called our friends at Coastal Carriers to move us (http://www.coastalcarrier.com/) the first time and they were so gentle and efficient and we LOVED them-especially Phil and Julie!  So we called them again…but THIS time they had to deal with 2 sets of doors, rain AND the filming of Revolution (http://www.nbc.com/revolution/) hence the caskets in the pictures.  These guys didn’t bat an eye while removing doors and slipping down ramps and picking up bakery cases and corkscrewing them thru door frames. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! There is NO way we could have done it without them!

Things are coming along nicely in Surf City! We will have 2 brand new kinds of coffee, an expanded bakery menu and be bashing about at all the area markets!  If you would like us to snail mail you a copy of the new menu, please email (notquitedone@hotmail.com) or call 910.254.1110 with your address and I will pop one in the mail for you.

We miss all of our downtown friends and thank you wholeheartedly for your support and patronage!


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