St. Patrick’s Day!

Much to my husband’s chagrin I do not treat this holiday as a day to out him on a shrine and worship and pamper him-depsite the identical names.

This year we will have all our old favorites with some new spins!

Irish Soda Bread with the fruits plumped over night in whiskey! $6.50 each $7.00 for gluten free


Blarney Stone Scones-Oatmeal Currant scones with a hint of nutmeg and made with Kerrygold butter! $1.85 each


Irish Creme Cheesecake-classic cheesecake with Irish Creme liquer, a chocolate chip cookie crust and a dark chocolate ganache topping! $26.00 each


Gold Brick Brownies! Our dark chocolate brownies rolled in toffee brickle and gold dust for a whimsical, chocolatey, sugary indulgence! $2.00 each

Please order ahead!!! You know how it gets around these here parts!!!!!!


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