Happy 2013!

So many, many thanks to all our loyal friends, family and customers. It has been quite a year! From magazine publications, TV interviews and film crews and debuts it’s kept us hopping.

We have done a ton of weddings and all went well-oh, except for the restaurant downtown that LOST THE WEDDING CAKE. Yeah, that happened. They eventually found it and delivered it to the couple’s hotel AFTER THE WEDDING.

We had a lot of fun rolling out custom coffee blends and lattes-till the shop was vandalized. That was no fun. Luckily, our friends at Astoria in Greensboro and our friends at Java Estate here in Hampstead were able to come to the rescue and save our espresso machine! Not so for the coffee bean grinder but you can’t win ’em all!

We got goats and chickens and a new puppy this year-just so we were NEVER bored!

Logan started high school-crazy!

We partnered with some wonderful chefs and artisans here in our 120 mile radius to provide you guys with the best honey, jams, soaps, salsas and pickles and to in turn provide them with some pretty tasty treats for their establishments as well!

In a world that can seem overwhelming with the sadness and violence and strife, I continue to feel that providing a place for people to come for a smile and a bite of happiness is a good thing to do. There have been quite a few baffling moments this year and I can only take from them that it is truly important to spend huge amounts of time with your loved ones-whether they be biological family or family of your making-and appreciate the talents you have, the things you enjoy and the freedoms we have.

That being said, there will be changes at Sugar this 2013. Some of them effective immediately, others effective February 1. Our hours are changing-starting this week-we will no longer be open on Saturdays. You can still get orders on Saturday but we will schedule a pick-up time or provide delivery. Effective February 1, 2013, the hours of the shop will be 9:30-3:00 Monday thru Friday as we shift the focus more towards wholesale, special orders and special events. After two years, the pattern of our little shop has finally made itself clear and this is the most efficient way to do things while keeping my family happy!

Thanks to Meg Reid and Gaby Tallmadge for helping us through the fall and a super-special thanks to Anna Sutton who put up with me the mostest. Amongst ourselves we have called this year The Great Duh-pression for the amount for sheer stupidity levelled at us by criminals, wanna-be criminals, reckless drivers, crooked banks, litigious-losers and vindictive panhandlers. We survived it and what made it worthwhile were our favorite customers and friends.

Thanks again for all that you’ve done for us, for supporting a local business, local farmers and loving food! Happy, Happy New Year! We welcome the changes 2013 will bring and look forward to many new taste adventures!


6 thoughts on “Happy 2013!

  1. Wishing you and yours a very happy, prosperity filled New Year of health peace & magnum LOVE! As I read yr post was a little trepedatious abt changes to come until I got to the announcements of new hours,etc. Then, phew, i breathed out-glad 2 know you’ll still b there for my occasional trips downtown and for when I need some of 4he world’s best baked goods!


  2. As always, well written and spot on! Eventually there will be a book and it is okay with me if you decide to dedicate it to me. Of course, the missing wedding cake will figure in there some chapter or another. Best of all ahead and if it’s not best, the best of attitudes (which you already demonstrate) while ‘non-sugar’ is hitting the fan!

  3. Sam, Such a great blog!!! You have a special talent. We had a great time over Christmas, thanks for the use of your house. Hopefully——-next year. Am going to to to UPS today if the manager is going to be in. Will let you know the outcome. Love, Grandma

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