Holiday Hours!

Sugar will be closed thru January 2, 2013.  Isn’t that crazy???? So-we will see you then and we thank you for a fantastic year and wish you all the best in 2013!


There will be some changes effective 1/2/13 and we will update the blog to let you know and THEN we will our highlights and lowlifes of 2012.


Merry Christmas!!!




2 thoughts on “Holiday Hours!

  1. You are hilarious!! As one of the lowlifes, I wish to report. A few weeks ago I put in my stocking my new ‘Sugar on front Street’ mug in case I didn’t get anything else (we had gone to CA and brought our grandkids for a family wedding so THAT was Christmas) and I have such a good forgetter, I surprised myself and was happy all over again! There’s something to be said for dementia! Also, the family LOVED the almond pound cake you made andI hand carried back. A big hit!

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