For once I shall take full advantage of my name and RELEASE THE SUGAR!!!  Starting this Friday and running through Wednesday the 31st we are gonna go a little crazy!  Of course, the classics will be available and listed below but I am going to use some CANDY!  Please call and order as limited quantities are available! 

In other news, THE LATTE MACHINE IS BACK! After Halloween I will tell you the story of its return! There are some true heroes to thank! Still waiting to deal with the old-fashioned coffee grinder but having frothy lattes on cool 4 a.m.s in one of my perks!

M&M Pretzel Cookies-buttery, chocolate-chippy and studded with M&M pretzels! $1.75 each or $6 a pack

Cadbury Screme Egg Giant Cupcakes-fudgy chocolate cake with half a Cadbury egg baked in the middle and a cream cheese frosting $3.00 each

Twix Brownies-our luscious brownies baked on top of good ole’ Twix bars and then brushed with caramel and dusted with sea salt-$2.00 each

Macaroons with Chocolate Bottoms $1.75 each

GooGoo Cluster Cheesecake-$4.00 a slice or $26.00 whole

Pumpkin Cheesecake in our ginger cookie crust-$26.00 whole

Pumpkin PIe-available classic ($14.00) gluten-free ($16.00) dairy-free ($16.00)

Pumpkin Whoopies-$3.00 each

Red Velvet Whoopies-$3.00 each

Devil’s Food Whoopies-$3.00 each

TEQUILA KEY LIME PIE!!-our traditional Key Lime pie enhanced with Tequila, lime zest and a coconut crust! $4 a slice $15 whole!


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