Christmas in July!!!!

Yes- I know it’s clichéd and could be seen as a marketing gimmick BUT in my defense I am doing this so I can eat all my favorite Christmas stuff for the next two weeks. It’s been a bit  wonkish in the land of Wilmington lately and I am confident it’s nothing some holiday comfort food can’t set to rights!

Starting next Monday we will be brewing  our famous SugarPlum Christmas Coffee! $10 a lb whole bean, $11.00 a lb ground.

Gingerbread loaves and Gingerbread goat cookies (not FOR goats-shaped like goats, even though I’m sure my goats would LOVE THEM!)

Apple Pie

Fruit Cake scones-lemon zest, dried cherries, apricots and toasted pecans with cream cheese glaze

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

Peppermint Brownies!

Please order ahead as YOU KNOW how wild it gets in the shop!

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Bookstore/Bakery/Microfarm in the South!

4 thoughts on “Christmas in July!!!!

  1. Huckstering has been raised to heights of bravura previously unknown in dough circles. My warm & fuzzy quotient just shot thru the roof -speaking of which…I hear the distinct sound of hooves aloft.


  2. Your gingerbread is the absolute BEST! I will have to get some as comfort for the end of our way-too-short summer break & the beginning of the I Can’t Believe He’s in Third Grade blues.


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