Pie Weather-don’t fight it.

Yeah-it’s hot. Here’s the thing though…you expend a LOT of energy sweating and panting, thereby giving yourself the luxury of enjoying a juicy slice of fresh peach pie with a frosty globe of some kind of exquisite ice cream! So, go ahead, order a pie! It’s time!  We are truly in the throes of wedding and party season and as a result have been baking like mad!

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Also, the ONE AND ONLY Bob Garner will be in town Thursday the 28th http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20120623/COLUMNIST/120629900?Title=Bookmarks-He-goes-the-whole-hog-about-barbecuehttp://www.twosistersbookery.com/events.html and Jackson’s BBQ will be putting out some BBQ, Bob is making sliders and I will show up with mini nana pudding cheesecakes and pecan pies!  Then I will proceed to run around squealing like a pig because I WILL HAVE MET BOB!!!!!

And finally, after many people yowling me at me, I have ordered T-shirts and they will be arriving in July! They are being done by the peerless folks @Snapdragon http://www.snapdragonscreenprint.com/prosite/! I can’t wait!  Happy Weekend! I am gonna go play with the goats!


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