What’s been going on????

Well, we went from busy to flat out INSANE! That’s okay though-really! Valentine’s Day was really fun and we bribed Cartmen (http://cartmen.org/) to do yummy deliveries all over town! What else-well, I have made so many new friends across the state and country due to Our State magazine! A couple from Maryland came in to tell me their granddaughter’s name was Samantha Smith, Ms. Greene from Whiteville came down and brought me her Chew Bread recipe, a couple from Newton Grove came down and we exchanged favorite chef/murder mystery authors-it’s been so fun!  We’ve started putting sweets in Pine Valley Market (http://www.pinevalleymarket.com/intpages.php?pageid=35) and we’ve been playing with dessert menus for Catch and Phun!  The Calico Room (https://foursquare.com/v/calico-room/4bcba5bd0687ef3b0c36decc) is starting to carry our sweets for a late-night pick me-up, and Nick’s Diner has been carrying our cheesecakes! AND we’ve got our online market on http://www.farmersfreshmarket.org/downeast/market/profile/sugar-on-front-st.-bakery! And lastly, Around Carolina came in last Friday and filmed for a few hours and that will be airing in NC and SC in about 3 weeks-I’ll keep you posted!

We ARE doing our interpretation of a King Cake this Saturday, Monday and Tuesday-by ORDER ONLY. These are a bready cake with a sunken candied almond as the “baby” and an apple filling and a buttercream with a LIGHT sprinkling of the colored sprinkles. $15 each. Must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. Can be delivered!

Also-time to get geared up for St. Patty’s!

Irish Soda Bread-with or without caraway $6.50

Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread $7.00

Oatmeal Currant Scones-$1.75 each

Whisky Custard Pie-$18.00 -not for the faint-hearted-baked chess pie with a heavy addition of whiskey and vanilla!

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Order Now!!!!!!

 And yes-the chicks are doing fine-loud and rambunctious, the goats are happily inhaling all of my scraps and scraps from The German Cafe’ ( who I recently discovered has a mind-blowing blue cheese burger) and Sir Augustus Howl-bloodhound extraordinaire turned 2 on Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy the pics-you’ll see me double-fisting espresso to survive V-Day, Cartmen dashing with a delivery and Jess and Dana howling in protest over the never-ending dishes!!!





6 thoughts on “What’s been going on????

  1. 3 questions:
    1. Are you going to list any gf goodies on the down east connect?
    2. Do you have any naturally nutty in stock?
    3. When can I come in and get the cheddar pigs that Whitney wrote about on Facebook? 🙂

      1. I’ll have to stop by soon for some nut butter. How’s the cheddar pigs priced and how far in advance should I order them?

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