National Pie Day is Upon Us!

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Monday, January 23rd is NATIONAL PIE DAY!!!! Yes, I said that!  So tomorrow we will have Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Chess Pie, PB Pie, Cherry Pie and Raspberry Cream Pie! All pie is ONLY $3 a slice. That is ridiculous.  We’ll be open from 9:30-5:30.  Also, you can now order from and have our baked goods and fresh produce and preserves delivered right to you! Awesome!  Our Valentine’s menu is listed on the previous post-order ahead so I don’t have to tell you “no”-you know how much I hate that!

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2 thoughts on “National Pie Day is Upon Us!

  1. I was inspired all day about it being National Pie day. I perused your mouthwatering list of baked goods but no gf pie for me. Alas. But, I caved in at 9 pm and baked myself a very lovely cherry cobbler. Williams-Sonoma montmorency cherry pie and French Laundry’s C4C gluten free flour that Williams-Sonoma also carries–make my very scrumptious dessert slightly pricey but then…I am worth it! Besides I was watching a tear-jerker and needed consoling!


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