Apple Pie $14.00

Pecan Pie $16.00

Pumpkin Pie $13.00

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie $18.00

Kahlua Cake $20.00

Really Rum Cake $20.00

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake $5.00

Gingerbread $5.00

Gingerbread Man/Woman $4.00 each

Classic Cherry Cheesecake $24.00

Turtle Cheesecake $27.00

Caramel Apple Cheesecake $25.00

Peppermint Bark Brownies $2.00 each

Cookies Trays $8/$16/$24

Pumpkin Maple Toffee Cake $26.00

Lemon Coconut Cake $26.00

Triple Chocolate Cake $28.00

Carrot Cake $27.00

12 Layer Chocolate Cake $33.00

8 Layer Caramel Cake $30.00

And that my friends, is our Christmas menu! Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was outta control and we LOVED it!  We also got voted best place for a Thanksgiving pie (! Thanks ya’ll.  We will also be featured in Our State magazine ( in February-super cool! We are happy to announce we are teaming up with Cartmen ( this year so you can deliver so Holiday Cheer anywhere in town!  Just call, email or FaceBook your order and we will send it on its merry way!  Truly, though, start ordering now, as some super-eager holiday elves have already started ordering!  We haven’t forgotten about the dogs, cats or reindeer this year and have festively wrapped treats available for them all!  New to our store this year is a friend of Dana’s-Ms. Dottie! Her art is sold in major art museum gift shops and other such classy establishments-check it out- Dottie Netherton is an artist who has worked in the
time-honored tradition of paper cutting known as
scherenschnitte (pronounced shair-en-shnit-teh) for the last two dozen years. With cuticle scissors she has crafted hundreds of delicate paper confections to adorn this tree. Rows of colorful paper mittens hang side by side with cutouts of dogs, flowers, and stars. Self-taught in the art of scissoring, Netherton was born and raised
Pennsylvania Dutch Country where the centuries-old craft of scissoring is common. Although she began by following patterns, she quickly began cutting her own original compositions such as an elaborate Noah’s Ark and her cutting tour de force, The Twelve Days of Christmas. AND we are the ONLY shop in Wilmington who carries her gorgeous cards!

Wanna give an eco-friendly-uber-chic-ultra-affordable gift? Check out our Kango Gift! ( A great teacher gift or a pick-me-up!  Need a gift for someone to enjoy apres-holiday? Go for a Sugar on Front St. gift certificate! Available in any denomination and in an envelope or in a vintage cup and saucer-cello wrapped and beribboned!  Can’t wait to see you all! I LOVE DECEMBER!!!!

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