Farm-ed Up!

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We finally did it! We took a vacation and the shop was closed for 4 consecutive days! It was very strange.  As promised we went to Virginia and stocked up on apples. I have been busy making Apple Chutney, Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter all things apple since we got back!  We stayed in a renovated 1910 farmhouse overlooking a pond, 200 feet from a Ciderworks and flanked by peach and apple orchards. It was incredible.  The weather was perfect and we toured some quaint mountain villages, ate wild grapes on the Blue Ridge Parkway, toured an old mountain farm museum replete with chicken coop and beehives made from hollowed stumps!  If you would like to stay in this farmhouse make sure to call far ahead as it stays booked on weekends forever and ever. Just go to and click on the Rural Ridge cottage. ‘Course, I don’t consider a 4 bedroom farmhouse a cottage but what do I know???   We sampled a bit of the local foods-but took a little NC with us in the form of some Goldsboro ham that we had with a sharp Chatham cheese and the IdaRed  apples for breakfast one morning.  That was delicious.  Our Hickory Nut tree here at the house has been going wild and poor Logan has been given the task of cracking them for me-insert evil mother chuckle-so I can make some awesome scones and tea breads with these unique NC treats.   We’re glad to be back and ready to start rolling!


3 thoughts on “Farm-ed Up!

  1. Beyond Glorious! I think we, your devotees & friends & family, are going to have to make more occasional 4-day sacrifices. But only if Mr. & Mrs. Smith promise to always share their picture-perfect travels with us shut-ins & inferior cooks! Beautiful travel log Sam!
    P.S. Daisy thinks she has waited quite long enuff, thanks, for her taste of VA apple & said she would settle for one from Burgaw– if only you would serve it to her personally, with her usual side of peanut butter 😀

  2. Sounds wonderful & peaceful. So glad you got some time off to recharge your batteries. The next batch of Applebutter could you put my name on a jar please????

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