Gettin’ Ready to get Exciting in here!!!

As always, there is something going on downtown!  While I refuse to comment on the parking other than to growl and mutter there are several other projects brewing!

First we are working on a Pie Contest for November called “Eat your Heart out!” to benefit the Children at Heart Adoption Agency ( more detail soon!

We are unleashing our October/November menu this Saturday!! Lots of fun Fall Classics and some new deliciousness!

If the bar looks funny over the next few weeks its because Red Barn Studio Theater ( is borrowing them for their newest play!  They will be famous! (Not the studio-they ARE famous-the chairs!)

Second weekend in October I will be traveling to Virginia to Meg Shelton of Shelton Herb Farms ( husband’s family orchards to pick up OODLES of BUSHELS of all natural, vintage, flavor-packed apples! The pies, butters, jellies and cakes that will spring forth from this fall bounty will be superb! (

This Saturday in conjunction with our menu supplement look for homemade Pumpkin Butter, Lemon Curd and Cranberry Honey!

Don’t forget-this month is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle month at Sugar on Front St.! Each week will feature one of the stories from the books with coordinating sweets. It’s your job to figure out the story from the plateau I have at the shop! Winner’s get free coffee or a free cookie!  


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Ready to get Exciting in here!!!

  1. All I can say is….”I NEED MORE STARS! ********** !”

    My guess for the 1st week of Mrs. PWgle stories is-

    the one titled,

    “I Was A Very Bad Girl & Still Got Cherry Pie For Supper “

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