Paisley Pick Up Truck-Mary Jane Farm Girl Invitation!

Dear All and Sundry,
While we are all going to think about today’s tragic events 10 years ago, I feel that it is really important to fight back against the hatred and negativity with the spirit that made this country stong in the first place. The indomitable spirit of survival, entrepreneurship, pioneering and neighborliness-and that’s what Paisley Pick Up Truck girls are all about! Supporting local businesses, recreating and recycling existing places and things to make them new, functional and lovely, exploring new ideas and plants and taking care of each other thru genuine friendship and kindness.
This Thursday, September 15th at 6:30 P.M. is our next meeting and you are each to bring a recipe you would like to share! If you can’t make copies, I will be glad to make some while we are at the shop. I will be providing some snacks, of course AND we will be celebrating a birthday so it will be especially festive~
Thanks for being a Farm Girl! Feel free to bring a friend if you’ve got someone interested! We’ll also be comparing notes about the Hurricane and Animal, Vegetable Mineral…Can’t wait to see you all!
Love, Sam
P.S. The parking deck by the library is FREE after 7 so if you park there and we all leave in groups it will be quite safe and convenient.


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