Dear Irene,

Dear Irene, what do you mean?

A-hammerin’ at our coast?

Must close my shop, coffee stop!

No bagels can I toast!

The scones, are gone-the pie case bare

The sight is most depressing.

You blow and spit without a care

Too whom you might be stressing.

Dear Irene, be a good girl

And whirl on out to sea

Take all the mosquitoes and no-see-ums with you

So we can eat pie in peace.

Sorry ya’ll we are CLOSED today and we’ll keep you posted about Saturday!  Keep safe and DON’T SURF!


4 thoughts on “Dear Irene,

  1. Sam you need to put this ode to Irene on Facebook and YouTube to blow away the blues of Her upon us…take care!

  2. Irene should be suitable impressed by your plea and take heed! We pray to the wind Goddess Irene, soothe her irate temper, nay… I see rain lashing at the window. She “don’t” listen to anyone.

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