Cookery, Crookery and EyePatches.

In the midst of our world-gone-mad turmoil, I think our circle of people who are trying to hearken back to our roots with sustainable living and frugal lifestyles are right on the money.  It will certainly never be a bad thing to know how to grow your own food or raise chickens or sew.  One of my latest treasures I unearthed in the cookbook section at the bookstore was “Low Cost Cookery” by Hunt-Wesson. It’s a slim volume with some fantastic cartoons in it and some very frugal and tasty-looking recipes.  The irony of this book is it came out in the early 70’s but it sounds as if it was written today.  This is at once calming and unsettling.  It’s reassuring to know that this has happened before and we will survive but why, oh, why didn’t we learn our lesson the first 400 times this happened????

In other news, as one of our FB friends said after a recent slew of super-bizarre customer happenings, “I think someone is PAYING people to come be weird in your shop!”  Well, in the photo below you will see a mangled dime and penny. These two babies were lodged in my VINTAGE coffee grinder. Some clever crook dropped those in the hopper and the grinder was resultingly jammed and out of commission for 3 weeks during which I was grinding all the coffee for the shop in a home-sized grinder-so you know how long that took (deep breath)-so when my coffee heroes arrived to fix it these COINS were in the grinder!!!!! Why? Who would do that?

And finally, in other hysterical news, I lodged almonds in ye olde eyeball and had to get an eyepatch to help it heal.  It’s a great look-I must say.

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One thought on “Cookery, Crookery and EyePatches.

  1. Frugal is where it’s at! Let’s Get Down all you hep cats on
    Front Street & dance
    The Froog! ~~~~



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