Sultry South-man you are hot.

We blasted through my birthday-I was graced with gifts, showered with song and christened with champagne!  Thank you to all who came, called or wrote me birthday wishes. It was truly memorable and very fun!  In the meantime I have been baking, goat and chicken-sitting, Connor turned 2 and Logan had his braces removed!  The big girl mixer still has not showed up…SIGH.

A few new pics-my dream restaurant-the long vacant Tasty Pig at the Paul’s Place intersection in Rocky Point-ideal for a breakfast-lunch-bakery spot with an outdoor market on Saturday’s, a giant garden out back with a mega-chicken coop-someday…

Been having lots of fun with Nectarine Pies and Blackberry Custard Pies-two super-seasonal pies  I love to make and love even more to watch people eat and enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know-we do make Cookie Cakes-available in Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle or Pumpkin. You can then pick your filling and icing and off you go!

Tomorrow night is our first Paisley Pickup Truck Farm Girl meeting which I am really looking forward to!  (Eek. Dangling participle. Woe.)

Thanks again for all my birthday fun!



One thought on “Sultry South-man you are hot.

  1. Even Yankees & Westees love all these down home southern classics!
    …whipping out my pigtails, bonnet & checkered skirt for Farm Girl nite!
    Yeee Haaaaa!

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