This will make you believe in the Tooth Fairy…

As you all know, we had the mixer debacles. I was down to one mixer and like most small businesses that have only been open for 6 months I am steadily trying to GROW my business-not shrink it before we really got going!  I fretted and agonized and called my buddies at Cape Fear Restaurant Equipment ( who went about trying to find me a BIG GIRL mixer that would fit in my mini space and accommodate our building’s crazy wiring. This, of course, takes time……..and money-which who’s got a massive amount of either one of those things when you have a 13-year-old who drinks a gallon of milk a minute and a toddler who goes to a school with a Yale-like tuition????  So I limped along taking twice as long to bake things for my nicely expanding client list-and I wasn’t late with anything but MAN was I getting up earlier and earlier.

My sister took pity and loaned me a mixer whom I used as little as possible for fear, he too, would die a death of exhaustion.   Insert dramatic sigh, crocodile tears and gigantic circles under eyes.

AND THEN-out of the blue-some customers who have become great friends over the years delivered to moi A MIXER!!!!!! AS A GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!! Who does that kind of selfless act any more?  Well it turns out this couple does and it has made ALL the difference in the world! I can never thank them enough for their confidence in me and their friendship and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! You know who you are (and so does Ms. Barbara!!!!) 

While we are on the gratitude topic-Father’s Day is sneaking up on us and this year we will be offering all of our usuals plus a lot of fun Peanut Buttery type things-just make sure to call ahead!  Also, check out our card selection-very cute and all-encompassing! Golf, guitars, wine, cigars, dogs, drumm-ars…


2 thoughts on “This will make you believe in the Tooth Fairy…

  1. Yay!!!!!!! There is a tooth fairy after all!


    You deserve it! & we, your loyal & insatiable

    SUGAR on FRONT ST. fan-atic-s deserve it! YAY!!!!!

  2. We all appreciate what those wonderful people did!

    And, speaking of selfless acts of kindness, you’re pretty good at those yourself!

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