Kitchenaid Remix.

Gleaming white and whirling madly

Kitchenaid you served me badly!

At the time you were most needed

Your engine stopped, your gears a-bleeded!

55 batches of cake batter required-

On batch 55 was when you expired.

Mercifully the roulade finished nicely by spatula

But 30 lbs of buttercream by hand is unnatural!

I completed the order and read the all the signs

Kitchenaid mixer farewell-it’s 60 quart Blakeslee time!


One thought on “Kitchenaid Remix.

  1. What a spectacle of confectionary glory!
    & an ode to the fallibility of machines to boot!
    May the Blakeslee be a trusty pal for an infinite number of batches!

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