Tiara Casual, Dahlinks.

Couple of cool things this week! We got a fab mention on the Appalachian Ridgeback website http://theappalachianridgeback.com/?p=647 which was lovely. 

We are doing cakes for 300 for the Blockade Runner’s EASTER Buffet. How, you ask, in my 10ft of kitchen with my 2 KitchenAid mixers? Well, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Had Rims on the River-super fun.

Being a late bloomer I have just discovered, courtesy of my friend Sandy, the autocorrect website and laughed until I couldn’t see or breathe.

And, as a devotee of all things British and the late, amazing Princess Di (I even have my Di paper doll book still) we are having a high tea wedding watching  shindig! Click on your invite below.

Tiara Casual0001


2 thoughts on “Tiara Casual, Dahlinks.

  1. It’s all just too too exciting! There’s nothing I like better than high tea and watching someone ELSE get married! Cheers, what!

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