Peanut Butter and Jelly Fans, Rejoice!

Were you aware that Saturday, April 2nd, is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day? AND that is is also National Children’s Book Day?  Now you are, so you have no excuse not to come party with us!  The bookstore has a super abundance of children’s literature and we will have all sorts of PB&J specials!  PB&J bagels, PB cookies with jam filling, PB gooey brownies, Jam filled cookies, PB Pie, Jam filled scones-it’s gonna be wild!

For those of you who missed the LOGAN ELLIOTT SMITH JURASSIC CLASSIC, during our Fourth Friday Gallery Crawl I will share some photos with you. We missed you, of course, but all involved had a blast-especially the artiste himself!  Thanks to all of his friends and mine who came out and supported him-it was really heartwarming!

Wokka-Flokka Flame one of our original employees painted a charming blackboard menu for us over the last 2 days for which we are eternally grateful.  Sadly she is being militant about making me wait for 4 DAYS until I write on it. Sigh.

Sugar on Front would also like to welcome its newest staff member ELANOR! She is fabulous-you will all love her as much as I do.

Just a heads up-we are CLOSED the Saturday and Sunday of Azalea Festival.  Books+hordes of cotton-candy-coated-people=bad.  Why wasn’t Algebra 2 that easy, I ask you?

Been churning out a goodly amount of Gluten-free stuff lately as there has been quite the demand. It’s been quite fun experimenting.

Got the Vita Mix up and running and we will commence with the smoothies starting next week!  Yay!

Wait, wait! I gotta tell you this quickly. Now, bear in mind I am taking this as a compliment and so this is GENTLE laughter, but, there is a breed of folks who attend events such as these solely because of the free food and wine. They happily munch their way thru the galleries for free much like they do at lunch time at Sam’s or Costco. You know the type. Well, one of these opportunists had availed themself 4 TIMES of everything on our little buffet-no problem. After their final trip to the back for more wine they made a final pass at the bar. Well, by this time it was 8:30 and we had been cleaned out and were wrapping up. Look closely at the picture of the dino cookies.  They were nestled in a bed of Northern beans to simulate rocks.  Well, this particular munchasaurus scooped up a Jurassic handful of these beans and popped them right into ye olde gullet! One bite and they realized their mistake and quietly started spitting them into their hand and emptying them into a pocket. It was priceless.


One thought on “Peanut Butter and Jelly Fans, Rejoice!

  1. Hilarious! Dinolicious Beans! Funny Stuff!

    Wine!!! I missed the wine (probably a good thing) hahah

    Logan: “Spelling Mesozoic is trickier than Algebra One! hahah But who really cares about spelling anymore?” P.S. I only ate 1 mini-choco-chip- cookie-without rocks! hahahahh

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