The Logan Smith Art SHOW!!!!

Logan Art Show0001

Click on ye olde link and check out Logan’s super cool art show that’s coming up! We hope to see you soon so we can ply you with dino-themed munchies!

Published by sugaronfrontst

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3 thoughts on “The Logan Smith Art SHOW!!!!

  1. Dear Logan,

    You are a gifted artist! I really like the poses
    & your dialogue clouds are very inventive.
    The head details made me look very closely.
    I especially liked the dinosaur standing on two legs.
    These were some great creatures you created!


  2. Logan,
    What a triumph! That was the coolest art show ever.
    I am so proud of you and all that you did.
    I would like to buy the orange dino if it is still available.
    I love you!


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