ConnorLoganPatrick-what? Who’s Irish?

So my foodielicious friend L.B. ( made fun of me the other day because I totally bypassed Mardi Gras in favor of St. Patty’s Day.  I’m sorry! I’m a scone and tea hound-yeasted cakes with gritty sugar sprinkles do nothing for me!  So anywho-starting Friday we will be having Irish Soda Bread, Oatmeal Raisin Scones, Irish Breakfast Tea, Irish Cream Lattes, Irish Cream Cheescake Brownies and lots of luck!  No, I will not be dyeing anything an unnatural shade of green BUT there will also be our Pistachio Cardamom scones and Key Lime Pie-both of whick have naturally occuring shades of tasty green! 

They are currently filming One Tree Hill right by our shop and so the streets have been quite crowded!  Lots of birthday cakes, as of late, so that’s been fun! We also did the “Bark Voyage” cake for our friend Visha over at Pomegranate Books ( she has a SUPER cool blog ( and leaves for her hike tomorrow! Wish her luck!

Doing 120 scones for Art of the Table at the Bellamy Mansion on Friday ( this is always a gorgeous event at one of Wilmington’s finest treasures. 

2 different Cape Fear Birthday Smiles events over the last week-yay! (

Next week-come find us at Thalian for a night of free pastries-on the house! We will be sponsoring Tuesday-March 15th! (

That’s what’s going on with us downtown!  Still on stall with the beer and wine as I don’t know if I love the idea or not…

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2 thoughts on “ConnorLoganPatrick-what? Who’s Irish?

  1. Hi Sam, Evetything sounds delicious, as usual. Will be up to see you soon. Give Logan and Connor a hug for me. Love you, Grandma


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