What’s Happening this Week!

HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!  I was sad when I realized I do not have any Groundhog greeting cards! What kind of retailer am I???  My fabulous friend Guy Pushee took some more photos of things in my shop…the super-tinkling bell courtesy of my mother and an apple-pear pie since one of my friends and business associates is a PEAR ADDICT (ahem.)  We have a few events coming up for this week-Stephanie Ellis will be here again on Friday for the CHAIR MASSAGE! She is magic.  Then-save the date-there’s a crazy cool show at the Wicked gallery that we are doing all sorts of funky Elvis type desserts for!

Lots of birthday cakes this week-enough that I actually have not had time to stop to take pics before they go out the door! I ‘ve got several coming up for Thursday so I will try my darndest to take some pics!  Some of the woes of being a one man show (believe me there are very, very few woes!) I sometimes lag behind on the technology end! However, yesterday it was-hmmm technology-taxes? technology-taxes? so sadly taxes won. 

Wrapping it up with a joke that actually happened.  My new art director (S.A.W.) came in with her sibling today and at one point she was describing someone as a cross between a babboon and a donkey. Whaddya call that? A “bab-ass.” 


New Leaf Yoga and Massage Therapy Relax and renew with chair massage on Friday 1:00 – 4:00 at downtown Wilmington’s only independent cozy bookstore/cafe/yummy backery! First 5 minutes free with any cafe purchase. $1/min. Stephanie Ellis, LMBT 7685


5 thoughts on “What’s Happening this Week!

  1. Somebody (me) has a Pear tree in her front yard!
    I give away bushels! I hope it’s a bumper crop this coming FALL. Sam, you may be rolling in pears come Sept! hahahahha

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