Pie Day Wrap Up-Presents Part Deux!


National Pie Day was a riot!  Thanks for all who came out!  It was also birthday weekend, apparently, as we New Sign!Hershey Candy Bar Icing, White Cake and Whipped Cream with fresh strawberriesdid A LOT of birthday cakes!  Ms. Susan Wilson gifted me with this gorgeous sign that she MADE BY HAND! You must come see it in person! It’s sparkly and gorgeous and 2 sided! Thanks so much!  I’m also showing you my Rooster/Chicken handbag, as promised, courtesy of my friend Carol!  I am spoiled and I love it!

Thanks everybody! See you soon…


2 thoughts on “Pie Day Wrap Up-Presents Part Deux!

  1. Magnifique!!! (French for “effn awesome”~pardon my French) Birthday Cakes!!
    love the footprints!
    Some Happy Birthday People!

  2. How fun that was to see the little patchwork chicken purse with my sister Susan’s Sugar sweet sign for you so thank you! See you soon at some point…have a sweet day.

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