Presents o’ Mine!

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Just let me know when you get tired of exclamation points-I will note it and ignore it.  I have been showered with gifts since we opened and thought I’d share some of them with you.  This will be an ongoing series as there have been a LOT of awesome gestures.  

One of our local rap stars and her outta-town mother  gifted me this beautiful antique coffee grinder which I love and occupies a place of honor on top of my pie case.

Another gift was this really cute pillow sewn by my friend Donna in Illinois! She’s family and this arrived in the mail as fabulous surprise! Thanks, Donna, I love it!

Wait, I’m not Finnished! This is my new Finnish cookbook from my co-Finn next door! We both share a deep and abiding love of Pulla! Thanks, T!

Tomorrow I’ll load the remainder, one of which is A CHICKEN PURSE! Ha! I know you’re jealous and you should be. It is way too cute.

I’ve become friends with one of the many brains at CFCC and I realized why I so frequently stick extra treats in people’s bags as a surprise.  Remember the scene in The Little Princess where the baker gives Sara Crewe the extra bun and Sara is so surprised and overwhelmed? I love that book and all the food descriptions but especially the warm yeasty bun descriptions and the meat pies and the hot, hot, hot tea.  So, THAT is why I’m a not-a-MBA and will never take this business to the bank ‘cuz nothing tickles me more than knowing someone on a sidewalk or in a cubicle will be tickled to find something for nothing that’s slightly sweet and buttery tucked in their bag.

Hope you enjoyed these presents o’ mine…I do.

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