I’m such a Card!

Good Morning America!  My friend, Guy, took this picture of the carved wooden sun that hangs in our shop!  Mom and I found this years ago at the Azalea Festival of all things!  This is the look I frequently see on people’s faces as they tuck into a warm scone and a piping hot cup of coffee, happy and relaxed.

We’ve had a pretty brisk start for which I am grateful.  The kids and I are still trying to work out some semblance of a routine…they’re being pretty patient. .

Today we acquired some new super-cool cards from my artistic friend Jess! Wait till you see them, they are amazing and very one of a kind. Check out her website www.jesshahn.com.   Quite a few events coming up-one of which is pretty big deal. Alice will be coming here and we will be cooking from her book!!! (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,901591,00.html)  This is happening at the end of March-we’ll update you as we get closer.

Experimented today baking with pomegranates… Blueberry-Cherry-Pomegranate Pie. It was pretty specatcular, I’ve gotta say. Poms are intense but amazing!


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