Making Friends!

Sometimes I call Wednesday “weirdsville wednesday.” Odd things constantly happen on Wednesdays-not always great things-but not so for today! I had a 2 families visiting from New Jersey-well really 2 mom’s with a herd of girls and one super-cute baby boy-and they had read the blog and came to visit! It was soooo fun to hear people tell me that they enjoyed the blog and had sussed out my little corner of the bookstore! So, thank you, Jersey Girls (and boy) it was thrilling to meet you and made my already fun little job even more enjoyable! 

As if that weren’t enough, I made some NYC friends and we exchanged bakery stories, lamented about the oddities of the labelling laws and talked about good eats in town. Their bakery is and looks absolutely gorgeous! I fully intend to try to make their Chocolate Date Cardamom bread-yum!

New Year’s Eve is sneaking up on us-order your cake now so there’s not a last minute hassle! You can, of course, order any cake or pie off of the menu, but our NYE specialty is a ginger spice cake with a raspberry whipped cream filling and a whole hidden almond-finder of the almond gets good luck for a year!

Thanks again to all my Northern visitors! It made for a “wonderful wednesday!” I truly appreciate kindred spirits.


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