Tryptophan, catnip and chocolate, please.

The making of the sign
pumpkin chzck under glass

December 26th you are snowy and smooshy!  We received a few tips from new customers and I am working on one of them and pondering the other! One customer said we were hidden and hard to find so today we are working on some signage! Hence the shop-bake which are 2 things I love to do and by shop I mean YARD SALE but the end result will be a vintage-y sign that says BAKESHOP! Meaning, I bake and you shop or that we are indeed a “bakeshop.”  I hope you all drink lots of tea and hot chocolate today and cozy up with a new-to-you Christmas book. I got all sort of treasures and am driving myself crazy trying to read them all at once!  I have a napping baby, an Earthen Acres ( turkey in the oven, a pot of Java Estates coffee brewing ( and a stack of books that are being guarded by a catnip-high tabby and some turkey-stuffed hounds-it doesn’t get much better than this…

I do want to pass on one psuedo-recipe however, for using up your holiday odds and ends:
Leftover ham and turkey bits
1 cup celery and carrots
1 cup old rice
Kosher salt and pepper to taste
Med stock pot with water to cover ingredients plus 2 cups
Put all ingredients in stockpot and simmer for one hour till carrots are soft. When soft, slowly whisk in pieces of Nature’s Way or Celebrity Dairy herbed goat cheese till combined. Serve with piping hot homemade sourdough and some American Spoon Fruit crabapple butter. You’ll love me forever.

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Bookstore/Bakery/Microfarm in the South!

One thought on “Tryptophan, catnip and chocolate, please.

  1. Hi Sam!

    Loved reading about your bake shop and your dream come true. Kevin & are are so happy for you. Your baby looks just like you when we first met you about 29 years ago. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Next time we are in the Wilmington area we will be sure to stop by and have coffee and a piece of pie. Blessing to you and yours, Love Aunt Donna and Uncle Kevin


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