Accidents make people happy!

I know I sound like a local news station but bear with me!  I have discovered that if I put my less than perfect-looking products out on a plate for people to eat for free then suddenly they are happy! Whether this is due to the small Sugar rush, ‘cuz the stuff is free, or because nothing on the plate tastes like something form Sam’s Club, I know not, but whatever it is-I’ll take it!

As I delivered trays of cookies to various offices last week as holiday gifts I realized that this was a super-fun job! In the floral industry the deliveries are 50-50 happy love, sad death but not so in cookie-dom! Cookies as gift=happy! I like it!

We have officially been up and going for a week and a half now-still waiting on one more counter but other than that we are fully functional. For those of you having trouble finding us I do apologize but sadly, the signage got put off by all the extensive and expensive equipment repairs.  We are working on it as we speak!  We will have the beer and wine up and going by sometime mid-January and then LOOK OUT! Also in January we will have more of a website and a sideline of a blog.

Today’s choices included Pineapple Inside Out Upside Down cake, Scones, Bananas Foster Cheesecake, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Poppyseed Loaf, Lemon Pudding Cake, Cherry Pie and Mixed Berry Pie!  Mayor Saffo came by and claimed that he really liked the Mixed Berry Pie-so that was pretty nifty!  Our newest thing that has been quite well received is the DOUGHNUT MUFFIN-which oddly tastes just like a cake doughnut but it’s baked not fried!


One thought on “Accidents make people happy!

  1. Hi Samantha, Your doughnut muffins are delicious, as are all your baked goods. The sour cherry pie is the best I’ve ever eaten. Keep up the great work. Love you,

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