Gimme frozen pipes, I’ll give you…nothing.

So we cleared the oven hurdle, fixed the deli case, retooled the espresso machine and rigged a folding table since our stainless hadn’t arrived. Wednesday we were gonna be open like it or not because we had some serious orders to fill on Thursday.  HAHAHAHAHAH! I rolled up in there early Thursday morning and all my pipes were FROZEN SOLID! Yeasted dough? Not happenin’. Coffee, tea, espresso, uh, no. Wash dishes? Nope. Yes, they had indeed not insulated the pipes on the outside of the building. Now, I loved our plumbers-super-nice guys-but this about made me cry.  So, we were operational much, much later than was healthy. 

But-we’re in it now!  We’ve had customers trickle in and find us, done some trays for the courthouse, a spelt b-day cake, Diary of a Wimpy Kid bday cake, a coconut cake, a dessert buffet for WHQR and a breakfast tray for CDSA! All on a folding table!  I’ll be unstoppable when I get all of my equipment in…

Meanwhile, it’s ridiculously cozy being surrounded by the  books and the smell of coffee and baked goods!  I woulda been dead in the water by now if not for my ever long-suffering family and friends-so hang in there guys, it’s almost “just right!”


2 thoughts on “Gimme frozen pipes, I’ll give you…nothing.

  1. You sure couldn’t tell you’ve had some many erm constructions issues by the taste of the cakes, cookies, scones, cheescakes, muffins, sweet breads, etc. that I have had the pleasure of sampling so far. Amazingly consistently good.

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