The Convection Oven that Could and then Couldn’t

Wow. You know you can budget and plan and set aside money for all sorts of unseen things and then BLAM! the unexpected tries to take you down!

I tried to be eco-friendly and wise with my money and purchased used equipment from Brunswick County Senior Center.  This was earlier this summer and the ovens have been happily tucked in storage awaiting their debut!  Then the day after Thanksgiving the ovens were finally allowed to go to the shop!!!! Yay! Coastal Carriers did a fabulous job moving our stuff even though they had to take the back off of my poor convection oven to get it in the door. But-he made it! On Tuesday I was told”…your ovens don’t work with downtown wiring-they are basically wired for a naval ship…”  I’m sorry-what?  Wait it gets better…”…if you can’t use these you have to get them back out of here and replace them-by Thursday. Oh, and the several thousand dollar wildebeast of a hood system, well, you probably won’t have needed that when you downsize to one smaller oven instead of the 2… HELP ME. Seriously. All of that was delivered to my earballs in a 3 second monologue-twice. By two incredibly kind and intelligent people.     Yeah. Good times.       BUT, a very charming man from Jacobi-Lewis introduced me to the most genius man ever (except Kenny Rogers)-M. Edwards.  He rewired both ovens with amazing speed (this did include OVERNIGHTING parts. that was cheap.) and now the ovens can WORK and passed 2 of the inspections!

Thanks M. Edwards you are amazing!


One thought on “The Convection Oven that Could and then Couldn’t

  1. All’s well that ends well! What’s life with out a little drama,just keeps us on our toes! Can’t wait to see the space know it is going to be GREAT! Good Luck in the home stretch.

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