Cinnamon Roll Sunday

Drumroll please!!!!! We have books on shelves and ovens on walls!  Gwenyfar and her loving friends and volunteers have been tirelessly whisking books back and forth from storage to shelves. I have been feeding the willing helpers and Folk’s has been providing the coffee.  So, now everyone plead to the powers that be to expedite all of our inspections so that we can feed and educate ya’ll again!

Pomegranate Books had a Black Saturday sale and we took them some munchies, so that was fun!

After all this good news though, I do have to bare my soul.  I never intended this blog to be a confessional but it’s  now or never.

What’s something you have every Thanksgiving-regardless of your menu? Mashed potatoes and gravy. Well, I served a milk gravy-we have some non-meat eaters in our family so no succulent pan-dripping gravy for us…anyway, I served up a lovely silky milk gravy to appreciative eaters. BUT whilst I was making the gravy the gravy foamed up alarmingly in the saucepan-creating a latte like froth on top!  Well, yours truly used baking powder instead of cornstarch….hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I figured it out after a few minutes and amade a roux which is what I should have done in the FIRST place and then it tightened right up and we were in good shape. So, dear family and guest, I am sorry for the mishap and for not telling you till now- hahahaha.!!!!  But for all you GrantAchatz-Adrian Feria foam loving crazies-just add baking powder and a wee bit of Jell-O and voila! Foam!

P.S. Sunday is cinnamon roll day so if you want to help move books and have a hot cinnamon roll and a steaming cup of Folk’s coffee FOR FREE-well, what else are you going to get for free that is that good on Sunday????


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