Bookin’ It!

We are starting to move books into the shop on FRIDAY!!!! As in day after Thanksgiving Friday! The zoning people have a cruel sense of humor!! This is still thrilling though and we are thrilled to get in whenever we can! I will be making snackies for all the hard-working book movers so now’s your chance if you want to try anything specific FOR FREE!  Mainly these will be sweet snacks, that are easy to eat while moving.

This week Pomegranate Books ( featured ugly duckling bilingual story hour so we hooked up some appropriately clunky yet loveable ducky snacks for them!  Also on order was the most romantic coconut cake-ever.  It was a simpler coconut cake than I usually make but the request was quite clear-we were trying to duplicate the cake from their first date for their one year anniversary-how sweet is that??? This man gets MAJOR points!

Churned out a whole wheat turkey for the boys-which Logan insisted we super-impose upon his dino placemat since “dinos and turkeys are related, Mom!”  Making 100’s of pies this week for Thanksgiving-literally-so don’t be looking for pie on Friday!!!

Counting down now and shooting for December 5!!!!


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