Ye Olde Novembre…

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Fairy Circle CupcakesCarrot Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese IcingDark chocolate fudge cake with a raspberry vodka layer, a cream cheese toffee layer and a mocha chocolate buttercreamart shotYe gads we’ve been busy! Supremo Chocolate Cake, Fairy Circle opened their second location (congrats guys!) and let us do the mini cupcakes! We did a Lego cake for a 9 year old, cookies for Coastal Therapeutic Riding’s fundraiser and gorgeous Carrot Cake for a super-cute 3 year old!  We have walls downtown at the shop-this is good!  Getting geared up for Thanksgiving and working on  Turkey Cake! He’s gonna be so cute! I’ll post it as soo as it’s done. Working with Blockade Runner on their Thanksgiving buffet…

Did you know cranberries and mushrooms are awesome! If you saute’ mushrooms in a wee bit o’ butter till brown and then when they are gold and fragrant toss in some dried cranberries and a splash of chicken stock (or veggie if you lean that way) to deglaze the pan and then cook till berries are plump. Salt lightly and toss with wild rice. Yum!

More free press!


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