Happy Halloween!

I have always said that I would love to move Mom and Logan’s birthday up 2 weeks! October 28th is way too close to Halloween and the avalanche to the holidays! Thanksgiving and Christmas are, of course, lots of fun for me because I can cook and bake nonstop for 2 months!~  But sometimes I feel like it’s quite a long stretch of zooiness…
All madness aside I got fabulous news from the esteemed Rob/Gwenyfar duo that we MIGHT BE OPENING BY DECEMBER!!!! This would be so good! What better time of year to open? I have been salivating over the endless twinking light-glitter combos I could do for the open house!
Did the Bellamy wedding show, that was fun-have an article in Wrightsville Beach Magazine (http://www.wrightsvillebeachmagazine.com/article.asp?aid=681&iid=85&sud=27) and will be in Wilma next month!
However, for now, I must go devote myself to a hellish laundry mountain of foul boys clothing. Ew.

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