Just so you won’t feel like you’re the only one who’s relationship is a non-stop drama freight train here’s a little sketch my buddy Everett Freyberg did for our “Save the Date” cards. Perhaps the husband should have seen the writing on the wall here…But no! He trudges on with me though the world’s slowest construction project (no offense to our esteemed contractor or our lovely City!) and the town’s most dramatic whole grain bakery (ahem.) Moving on.

art courtesy of Everett FreybergYou would think that Re-Eco (www.re-eco.com) was a sponsor of mine! Nope!, they are just amazingly talented and supportive friends and customers. Witness here 2 of my most treasured fall possessions-my impossibly chic fall felt pumpkin earrings perched fetchingly atop my vinatge strawberry cake platter courtesy of Goodwill Industries!  If the world is lucky, Mary of Re-Eco will turn out some more of these felted beauties so that you too can feel very Martha Stewart gone Coco Chanel this fall!  Felt pumpkin earrings-strawberry cake platter

As promised, past post, I would post photos of the new stairs at Sugar. I lied.  Haven’t made it down there yet! I have been sorting out sinks and hemorraghing over hood systems with Jacobi Lewis and therefore have not been down there with the camera. BUT! I will…I think. This weekend is our wedding show at the Bellamy Mansion (www.bellamymansion.org) on Sunday 12:30 to 3:30. This should be fun!

And! I have had yet another life changing experience. Granted, I’m a little late to this one-but, oh well. Have you had a Nye Ice Cream Sandwich? Nay, you say? How silly. These are shut-up stupid good. And they are made by my friend Christian and his awesome family! So delicious…….


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