This cake’s for the birds!

I made a Hummingbird cake today, for Ms. Macie’s 13th birthday BUT I could only get the pic to post to Facebook-not on the blog!  Hummingbird cake is a butter spice cake with banana, pineapple and pecan with a cream cheese frosting. I adapted the recipe as a breakfast loaf for Great Harvest and people are very fond of both kinds! However, the cake on the left was for Happy Alex Day and is a chocolate-chocolate mousse cake with white chocolate glaze!

Went downtown this morning and there were people were working on the space! Woohoo! Met some of our new neighbors at Second Time Around Consignments and snagged a super-cute shirt for Halloween!  Made sparkly yellow banana cookies for Pomegranate Books Curious George reading, hope they had a good turn out!

Above, you can see some of the Great Harvest wildlife-Mr. Squishy decided to pose artfully in a basket of croutons and Easter grass. Lovely.



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