Bringin’ it home Opossum style.

I ate that in under 3 seconds.

My boys and I had a blessed reprieve from cell phones, Blackberries, blogs and FaceBooks  for 4 days. It was lovely. We read, traveled and ate like crazy people! One of the things we stumbled across was in the Inverness, Fl, RV campground even though we were not camping! I saw the sign for Whoopie Pies and while not a fan, I was intrigued. It was a small pine-paneled shop with a sign saying 20, 062 pies sold to date. There was a display case with whole Whoopies and minis and in the back were the racks, mixers etc.  You know what wasn’t there? Boxed cake mixes, canned frosting OR artificial vanilla. All real ingredients abounded! So, we bought a classic and a German Chocolate. I inhaled the classic. It was insane. 2 soft chocolate pillows of goodness with a thin line of vanilla frosting in the middle. I think it’s meant to be split between several people because I was promptly wishing I had held back a bit BUT OH MAN IT WAS SOOOO GOOD.

Anyway, we drove thru 3 states, backroads and swamps thru hellacious thunderstorms hither and thither and managed to escape hitting any wildlife whatsoever despite seeing a gator, snakes, buzzards, hawks, egrets and 2 armadillos, didn’t get pulled over-smooth sailing-baby didn’t fuss and the MINUTE we pulled on our street this huge opossum makes a beeline for both tires.  It was foul.  I, however, felt no sorrow as these nasty rodents have mercilessly pursued my chickens. One down, a million to go…

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One thought on “Bringin’ it home Opossum style.

  1. Maybe you could duplicate those in your cafe? Maybe they could be your take on the Mounds Bar idea? That might be really good!
    Maybe that could be the take on the spicy applesauce brownie?


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