Sandspurs, sand, red ants and True Love.

I have done many a beach wedding. I have even catered a wedding reception on the beach-just me and my sister. Humping large coolers of beer and wine, tents and tables over miles of soft, shifting sand only to cram food into people to zip back to the Art Museum for their cake and cocktail hour to go BACK to the beach to break down, in the dark, with flashlight. Glamour. I know.Today’s beach wedding was small, intimate and put on by some of the absolute nicest clients I have ever had.  It was like they were ACTUALLY ENJOYING THEIR OWN WEDDING. For those of you who work in my industry you will be shocked and awed by this.

BUT.I have never walked a cake that far in that kind of wind and heat with a friggin’ sandspur lodged in my foot. This was not good. And it’s not as if one can dig at one’s foot while carrying a tiered cake OR while positioning the cake on the table.  Hey, I’ve gone thru natural childbirth twice-I can handle a little temporary pain. So, as I ignore the stab per step and get closer to the table I kind of start to forget about the foot-good, good, arrive at the table center the cake and being final decorations and I realize wow, this sandspur is makeing my foot BURN! Weird! Nope-red ants. 9 bubbly, blistery bites merrily wink at me as I type this a sobering reminder that the beach is not my friend. Well, no, I love the beach. Oh! I know-reminding me I’m so sweet 9 ants couldn’t resist! That’s it!Anyway-it’s a pound cake-yellow on bottom choco on top with hand molded hibiscus and seashells using all natural ingredients-INCLUDING the tints.Ratliff wedding


2 thoughts on “Sandspurs, sand, red ants and True Love.

  1. Even the tints! That is really amazing and it looks delicious. I want cake.
    Is it really true that cake mix, once past its expiration date is actually toxic?

  2. I love a girl with such talent and strong conviction,you are an inspiration Sam! Have a wonderful vacation,kick back and soak those tootsies ❤

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