Nothing but Class!

That would be lovely right about now...
This day last August...

Wouldn’t that be awesome right now? I confess-I am hot and muggied out. Yuck. I love my jobs but when you stand in front of a 420 degree oven browning meringues and then you get into your car and feels JUST like the oven-well-over it.  Yestersday, after work, in order to beat the heat, we took the rugrats to Topsail Beach-the best beach ever. Period.  Well, despite having fed all and sundry minutes before we got into the car, as soon as we crossed the Surf City bridge the saltwater convinced all 3 boys they were famished.  We stopped at the NY style deli and they were selling Italian bread-$5 a loaf. This is highway robbery. So , I bought one and I tell you-not only would I pay that I’d drive the 45 minutes to get it. It was really good! Had I been a true techno blogger I would have a.) a pic of the loaf and b.) a link to the restaurant-but no.  Good luck!

So-the classy part? Well, you should all thank your various deities that I don’t have a pic of this either. Apparently, while I was inhaling large slabs of Italian bread and watching the guys devour their 30th meal of the day, half of my bathing suit top had come undone.  I was cruising around in European glamour with my mesh bathing suit cover-minus half the suit.  This is a good thing for no one. ( BUT this proves my point from earlier blogs that my husband notices me not unless I am bearing a tray of edible delights!)  He finally noticed when we got to the beach and I was gooping everybody with sunscreen. As I said, nothing but class.


One thought on “Nothing but Class!

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha no way.

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