Baking Bonanza

Summer Birthday Fling!
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Maya turns 8!

My hair has a new look! No, I’m not prematurely white-it’s a glossy patina of powdered sugar!  (I have a funny story about patina! One time my sister and I were at a yard sale and the sheister tried to sell us this beautiful primitive table and told us we could know it was authentic because of it’s “pantene.” HAHAHA!)  As the pictures will show, I have been baking 24-7-this is just the stuff I did when I wasn’t at Great Harvest!  It was lots of fun and I now have glorious dark circle under my eyes reminiscent of chocolate dipped donuts!  To see all the pics go to the Library! It was nuts! We did Gravity Records 6th Anniversary Cake, Pomegranate Books, Tweet Up, UNCW Soccer cake, and 3 birthday cakes!

Thanks for all the business, ya’ll! Hope you enjoyed eating as much as I enjoyed the baking!

Gravity Records 6th Anniversary!UNCW Soccer Cake!Vegan Carrot CakePomegranate Bookstore Tweet-Up

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