Sour Peanuts

You’ve heard of the expression “sour grapes?” Well, we saw quite a few examples of “sour peanuts” on Saturday at the aforementioned Poplar Grove Festival.  These are true stories-we had people who complained about the abundance of peanut-based baked goods, we had people complaining about not enough peanut-based goodies. We had people complaining about the lack of free stuff-despite samples, free cake, free peanuts, t-shirts and pot holders, we had people complain about the lack of sugar-free stuff who were so programmed to eat only chemical enhanced sweeteners they were afraid of honey and molasses! AND WE HAD SOMEONE WITH A NUT ALLERGY. Come on, people! Get a grip! 

(When I say “we” I am referring to my long-suffering younger sister who has participated in many of my baking shenanigans with me over the years!)

We also met a lot of lovely, fascinating people and this couple who rode Harley’s and had a Chihuahua (sp?) that rode with them and had a helmet the said,”CAT, the other white meat.” That made our day! Is that brilliant or what?

Here are a few pics of our booth and the cake we donated and the much touted PB and pickle cookie.  Poplar Grove-we love you, but, I am SO glad this one’s over! 

Next festival-the Multicultural Festival at the O’Dell Williams Center in Brunswick County. We’re bringing lots of Polish and Irish treats!


One thought on “Sour Peanuts

  1. Your booth looked so cozy and inviting at the Poplar Grove Peanut Festival. The crowd sure seemed to love the cake.

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