Muffin but trouble!

carolina in the am madness!
who knew blueberries multiplied like rabbits??

What is that? THAT is 250 mini Carolina in the Morning Blueberry Honey Muffins!  I was sooooo tired of scooping the little dainties-I tell you!   Saturday is the Peanut Festival at Poplar Grove and I hope George Washington Carver will forgive me but I never want to see peanuts or peanut butter again. Do you know how many pounds of peanut butter it takes to make peanut butter buttercream for 500 people? I could end world hunger with the contents of my coolers. 

Here’s some teasers of what I will have for sale at the P.F. on Saturday besides the mass quantities of free cake:  Honey Peanut Granola, Fire Hydrant Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits, Gooey Peanut Chews (gluten-free!), Double PB Cranberry Flaxcookies, PB&J cookies, Elvis Scones, Peanut Crunch Coffee Cake, Peach Pie (for the people who say-no more peanuts!) AND a cookie recipe that I came up with that combines 2 items that are common but NOT IN A COOKIE! I looked online and in all my books and found nothing like this…Any guesses?


4 thoughts on “Muffin but trouble!

  1. help, i can’t figure out how to reach you! i am a thrilled member of the produce box and am having a “summer birthday social” on weds. THIS COMING WEDS! from 6-8. interested in a out of the box birthday cake to serve about 25. my home number 910.790.9293, cell 910.409.3511.


    looking forward to your call!!!

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