Retail Therapy!

green and pink?
green and pink retail therapy
funding for retail therapy
choco-pecan cookies, fig cake with cream cheese, blueberry muffins

It’s rare, but once in a while, I have a relatively crappy day. And when I have these days they are beyond catastrophic and I mentally say to the Universe-you know, at 32 I probably don’t need this many character building exercises-truly. Anywho, today after an amazingly weird Thursday-Friday punch I decided to try RETAIL THERAPY. I like it! After it was over, it all happened so fast-like I was drugged-I realized everything was pink or green. What does that mean? What’s the subliminal there? My mini-spending spree was financed by a crazy week of baking-3 days of muffins, brownies, cakes and cupcakes-shew! BUT, I made a discovery which is why I am rambling. Sambuca( ) makes these candles called Mood Glow and it’s lavender, fir and cypress-soy of course and the smell is divine! It can almost mask the hideous smell seeping my way from Baby Squishy right this moment…If you don’t have this candle your life is lacking. The fetching leather-cut pig earrings? Re-Eco of course! ( ) And the shirts, courtesy of Ashton Farm Day Camp ( )-where I’d like to live if they’d let me and where Logan goes now and again to escape me!


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