Shear Genius.

Yep, spelled that wrong on purpose.  You see, I found these amazing fabrics and then I found these amazing dresses and THEN the woman who makes the dresses said she would take my mix of new and salvaged Goodwill fabrics and make the SHEAR GENIUS dresses pictured in my typically crappy and grainy photos! Are these cute or what? AND THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!!!…/162714256690   

Honey Dresses
oooh! pockets!

will get you into her divine portal or geniusness.

Speaking of which-anybody ever heard of A&P Spanish Bar Cake? Can you say “yum?” Not Rachael Ray weirdness “yummo” even though I confess I like her ‘cuz she looks like a non-catty girls girl and there are far too few of those-BUT the cake is delicious! You must like raisins, of course, but it’s chubby and spicy with a sugary glaze-ugh-so good.


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